Our repeaters, located in Perkasie, Pennsylvania, are available on the following frequencies and bands:
W3AI – 2 Meters – 145.310 (-), PL 131.8
W3AI – 440 – 444.750 (+), PL 103.5

Mailing Address

RF Hill Amateur Radio Club – W3AI
PO Box 336
Perkasie, Pennsylvania 18944-0336

CB Radio Conversion Infomation

Johnson Viking Messenger Conversion Info:

This CB transceiver was first made function on the CB band by replacing all the bad capacitors, resistors and tubes where necessary and tuned up.

Next an alternative was found ( boards / ICs ) to replace the crystals since this unit has one set of 5 crystals for the receive side and one set of crystals for the transmit side.  They are are spaced apart at 455 KHz for the IF stage.  The boards were found on this site: Hayseedhamfest  and the IC’s for these boards are available from Digikey.

The ICs are solid state replacement devices that are programmed at one frequency when purchased and are placed on two boards purchased at the above site.  Each board handles 4 devices, so two boards were purchased to create 4 transmit and 4 receive frequencies.

Original Chassis

Boards added to chassis

To be continued….